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Make Learning Enjoyable & Effective

We have mainstreamed information and divided them into small, understandable pieces with the "LESS IS MORE" principle. Moreover, we made learning enjoyable with animations. That is all! Experience real behavioral changes with the short animated videos your employees watch with joy, while they gain knowledge at their own pace.


Research shows that using microlearning modules increases the completion rate by 740% and it indicates that 93% of participants would like to use it again. We strive to prepare a new, interesting and always relevant microlearning collection so you can go beyond these numbers.

Meet COBIDULIBRARY with over 1500+ eLearning Material

Forget about long and boring Instructional courses. We don’t have the time or the concentration for them In our fast-paced lives. This is why we adopted the philosophy of "teach What you want to teach before it gets boring". Others call it "microlearning", we call it COBIDU!

1500+ eLearning Material
140+ Podcasts
4+ Languages
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COBIDULMS empower and improve the performance of your employees easily and quickly.

Technology shouldn’t be a barrier for learning. That’s why we streamlined the learning management system for you so you can manage our simplified and consumable course collection. How about managing it with a web address and Cloud LMS specific to your company?

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Create, share and reuse interactıve html5 content ın your LMS for free.

Start creating rich interactive content on your own LMS. Plus it's free and easy to get started.

Richer HTML5 Content in Existing LMS Platforms

Reuse and modify
Content in Your Browser at Any Time

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Deliver effective virtual classrooms that increase learning outcomes for your employees

It is now simple to easily interact with your remote workers from anywhere in the world through your LMS platform effectively.

COBIDULive offers all the necessary features for your online meeting and webinar needs.

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Use your own brand with our bespoke courses

Each organisation has a story they want to tell their employees. We take your story and your corporate content that might be boring for your employees, narrate them with stories designed specifically for you and make sure it is easy to understand and adopt by your employees.

We also partner with some authoring tools, to help you create agile content alongside our library.

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Industry-Leading Customer Service

We provide a thoughtful, human response to all support tickets. We have one of the largest support teams within an online learning space around the world, working with you 24/7

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Cyber Security
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Accelerate your business growth with COBIDULIBRARY & CLOUD LMS

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A great LMS and enjoyable contents are the foundation of a strong and effective online teaching and learning environment. That's why we'd love to show you more and answer your questions.

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