Centrally store SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 packages from your product catalog into the depository of COBIDUCONNETOR and distribute and track your customers' LMS.

Our solutions allow you to manage your educational content in one place and easily share access to your courses with your third-party systems.

You have customers who want to access the content in your catalog directly from their LMS platform.

Distribute e-Learning content

Take control of your SCORM-based eLearning content. With COBIDUCONECTOR, you can centrally manage your courses and easily distribute them to your third-party systems. You can control the amount of people who access and use your packages.

Keep Control

Not only do you control who can access your trainings, you can also protect your income by automatically turning off access to the course when the license expires or to the number of subscribers.

We also want to help you provide your employees with the skills they need to succeed in the new world. Pay as you use, not as much as you assign with COBIDUCONNECTOR, which we have developed to use your training budgets more efficiently.

Because for us, it is important of not how many users you assign, but how many users use them.

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