What are the new trends in corporate training? Which training do companies give their employees and how do they do it? More in our blog where we talk about the latest news in business industry.

4 Advantages of Microlearning Videos

Let’s discover the advantages of using microlearning videos for learning and development.

Most Wanted & Valued Soft Skills of 2021

Soft skills are as important as hard skills for the success of employees, and the success of the company. But which ones are more critical?

How to Manage Anxiety at the Workplace?

Here are some tips to manage anxiety at the workplace from our Anxiety eLearning Course

Cybersecurity: Travel Safety Tips

Here are some travel safety tips from the COBIDU Cybersecurity eLearning collection!

4 Reasons To Provide An Equality And Diversity Course To Your Employees

Supporting diversity and equality comes with many benefits both for your employees and business success.

5 Tips For Setting An Effective Meeting

Meetings can be a waste of time or a waste of money if they are not planned effectively

How Should An Effective Cyber Security Training be?

Here are some tips to consider while choosing which cybersecurity training to provide for your employees.

E-Mail Security: Are You Aware of The Potential Risks of E-mails?

Are you aware of the potential risks of e-mails? Most importantly, are all of your employees aware and prepared?

Top 10 eLearning Courses to Provide Your Employees at 2021

By providing eLearning courses on these subjects, you can make your employees more effective, and happy.

Cloud LMS vs Self Hosted LMS: Which One To Choose?

There are pros and cons for both Cloud LMS and Self Hosted LMS. Let’s see what are they.

Bad News: Employees Make Companies Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks.

We have some bad news. Did you know that your employees can make your company vulnerable to cyber-attacks?

Goldfishes & The Future Of Corporate Training

A 2015 study found that the average adult attention span is 8 seconds, which is significantly declined from an average of 12 seconds in 2000.

5 Advantages Of Providing Customer Service Training To All Of Your Employees

If you think Customer Relationship training is only useful for Customer Service departments, think again.

Can Leadership to be Learned?

Can you become a leader? Is this an innate talent or can it be learned later?

Soft Skills To Make Huge Difference

Success at work is not only about having the skills to do your job. 

What is microlearning?

There is no textbook definition of microlearning. But you can identify microlearning by some characteristics.

5 reasons to provide cybersecurity awareness training to your employees

Cybersecurity incidents cost a great amount of money, and reputation loss to companies.

How to make employee training successful?

Your employees are the most valuable capital you have and investing in them is essential to be a stronger company

Remote Working & Employee Training

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of companies switched to remote working for the first time.

Why You Should Teach Your Employees Stress Management?

Do you think stress management is something about personal life?

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