Cloud LMS

We streamlined the learning management system for you so you can manage our simplified and consumable course collection. How about managing it with a web address and Cloud LMS specific for your company?

Streamlined Learning Management System

You can import our collection into your own LMS or subscribe to our collection and start using it now with a web address and Cloud LMS specific for your company for free.

Cloud Lms

COBIDU Cloud Lms Features

Easy Reporting and Monitoring

Follow the learning journey of all employees with a single click.

Content Management

You can give the entire collection or pick who can see which content yourself.. Your system is always up-to-date with COBIDULIBRARY.

User-Focused Experience

We removed all obstacles so employees can access training rapidly and easily. It has an intuitive interface with advanced search menu and user experience.


Make announcements to your employees about the company or training personally or en masse.

Multiple Language Support

Let your employees choose with over 100 language options for the interface.

This and more, free upon subscription!

Build and Brand Your Own Lms

 Add your logo

 Add your brand color

 Customise your field name / Subdomain

Accelerate your business growth with COBIDULIBRARY & CLOUD LMS

See for yourself & learn for free

Simply sign up for your 7 day trial now and try COBIDU today.

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