We provide hosting services for your corporate needs within the scope of our COBIDUCLOUD service, LMS, Wordpress, Drupal, Mail etc. We offer the uninterrupted sustainability of our services, taking into account the highest level of security, accessibility and redundancy.

No matter how big your corporate needs are, we optimize with our expert staff, efficient infrastructure and our experience in learning processes since 2008.

Backup and recovery

We provide regular automatic backups with data replicated on secure offsite servers. If necessary, your Moodle platform and data can be restored with minimal disruption.

Scalable hosting

Your Moodle will be hosted on Amazon Web Services providing unrivaled reliability and elastic capacity that scales to meet peak demand and shrinks to reduce off-peak spending.

Threat protection

Our hosting environments benefit from enterprise-class threat detection, intrusion or denial-of-service attack prevention, and malware protection.

Data encryption

All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, protecting against third-party tampering and ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Guaranteed availability

Our service level agreement guarantees a minimum of 99.95% annual uptime, and planned downtime for upgrades or patches is planned for minimal disruption.

Proactive support

Our support team proactively monitors your infrastructure and regularly provides detailed reports on performance and usage, as well as continuously optimizing your platform.

Control your infrastructure spending

We offer flexible hosting solutions that scale to meet demand. Our system increases availability by bringing additional resources online during peak usage periods and reduces expenses by automatically minimizing unnecessary capacity when usage is low. This eliminates the cost of maintaining redundant infrastructure.

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Like any web-based platform, LMS systems must be installed on a server. This could be a web server on your premises, a private server in a data center, or a cloud server. COBIDU offers a range of hosting options, including both on-premises and cloud solutions, and can work with you to determine the configuration that best fits your needs and budget.

It has the advantages of both cloud and on-premises hosting. Hosting your LMS on site can save cost, especially if you have server capacity, and can also improve performance locally, which is advantageous if your internet connection is unreliable or limited. However, offsite access to LMSs can adversely affect the performance.

Cloud hosting helps you control costs by enabling you to take advantage of flexible capacity, scale up existing hardware when usage is high, and downsize when not needed. No hardware maintenance or service is required on your part, everything is handled by the hosting provider.

LMS hosting cost varies significantly depending on the number of concurrent users you want to support, the type and amount of content you want to host, and the level of security required, among other factors. Contact our team for an accurate estimate of the hosting costs for your LMS platform.

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