We are Stronger Together

We also support equality, diversity and inclusion for a better world! We know that change starts in small communities and then spreads around. As a reputable e-Learning company, we have already sparked change in our own company; now we are working day and night to spread this change to all our partners, customers and society.

What Are We Doing to Increase Equality, Diversity and Inclusion?

Policies and Procedures: We make all COBIDU employees a part of the change with the policies and procedures we have developed to ensure a safe, equal and inclusive work environment. As a company policy, we do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying, physical or psychological violence.

DEI Department: The DEI department that we have established within our company works with determination to create an equitable, diverse, and inclusive working climate. Our DEI professionals not only respond to all the needs of our employees but also develop brand new projects that will strengthen our corporate culture.

Learning and Development: We offer Equality and Diversity training to all our employees in order to break down prejudices and thus barriers. To ensure that all our employees, including other leadership staff, have information on this subject, absorb and internalize the information; we aim to be active practitioners of the egalitarian corporate culture.

Equality and Diversity Courses Promotion: We certainly want all of our courses to be known by organizations that will benefit from them. However, we put special emphasis on making our Equality and Diversity course better known and reaching wider audiences. We are working hard to motivate our customers and all our business partners to give this course to their employees.

Investment and Donations: We work with other organizations working on equality, diversity, and inclusion. We aim to make tomorrow safer, more equitable, and inclusive than today, with our ties and jointly developed projects.