4 Advantages of Microlearning Videos

Let’s discover the advantages of using microlearning videos for learning and development.

Every single year more and more learning and development professionals are adopting microlearning videos and leaving classroom training, live events, and bulk learning materials aside. Well, they have solid reasons for preferring microlearning videos instead of classical methods. Let’s discover the advantages of using microlearning videos for learning and development.




1. Doesn’t Require Physical Attendance


One of the biggest advantages of microlearning videos is that the learning doesn’t require physical attendance. This means saving a lot of time and money both for the organizations and the participants.


To schedule a classroom learning session, trainers and learners should be available at the same time and same space. That obviously requires more time and money than just signing in and watching pre-created learning materials.




2. Provides Flexibility


Unlike live events or classroom learning, every single learner can participate in the learning session whenever and wherever they are available. Learners can stop learning whenever they want (because microlearning videos are designed to be short and segmented) and start again when they are ready to focus. No matter how short the learner’s time is, the learner can use that time for learning.  


That's a big advantage especially for big companies aiming to reach the training hundreds of employees. This flexibility increases the participation and completion rates because the time they spent on learning just fits with the time they are available.




3. Quicker and easier to manage


Micro assets are easier to manage, especially it comes to personalization. Once you decide which employees or departments should get which trainings, it just takes a few mouse clicks to make needed arrangements.


As long as microlearning videos are split into small pieces, you can even disable some modules and publish the rest depending on employees. It is really hard to delete just one section from a 3 hour uncut training video, and impossible to do for classroom learning.




4. Increases Learning Retention


Providing microlearning videos increase learning retention. The biggest reason for this is microlearning is designed to keep attention. There are no boring and unnecessary details; just bite-sized information fragments one after another. That fits with fast consumption habits and is also suitable for the human attention span.




Recent studies show average attention span is around 7 minutes for an adult (and only a few seconds if the subject is not willing to focus). That's why the faster you deliver the knowledge, the more the learner learns.



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