How to Manage Anxiety at the Workplace?

Here are some tips to manage anxiety at the workplace from our Anxiety eLearning Course



Did you know that 55% of workers in the UK experience anxiety at work and 44% of them are experiencing it at such high levels that it causes sleep disturbance and loss of appetite? The good news is, keeping anxiety under control is not that hard when you know what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided. Here are some tips to manage anxiety at the workplace from our Anxiety eLearning Course.






Know About It


Neglecting anxiety and pretending like you are okay is not a solution. To solve the problem, first you need to accept it, right? Learn about how to identify anxiety, what are the symptoms and how to overcome it in each situation.






Be Realistic


Unrealistic expectations may be the source of your feelings. If you don’t have enough time but yet you are still signing up for new projects, that means you are creating yourself a new source of anxiety. It is okay to say, “I cannot do that”. Asking for help or requesting more time may be the solution of your anxious feelings.






Have Some “Me Time”


Spend some time for yourself. Have a break when you feel overwhelmed. Spend time on sports and hobbies, plan a holiday when needed.






Take Care of Your Health


Eating healthy and getting enough sleep help to reduce anxiety levels. Also, limit alcohol and caffeine consumption. They are both usual suspects of increasing anxiety symptoms.






Get Professional Help


Remember, tips we share are helpful to reduce the overwhelming effects of anxiety but for a permanent solution, professional help is always the best choice.






High levels of anxiety may affect your teams’ health, happiness, and success. Do you want to help your employees to deal with workplace anxiety by providing them with the Anxiety eLearning Course? COBIDULIBRARY provides one, along with stress management, anger management and many more! To access our complete eLearning Library for free, request a demo now.




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