How Should An Effective Cyber Security Training be?

Here are some tips to consider while choosing which cybersecurity training to provide for your employees.


Cybersecurity training is a must to protect the assets, sensitive data and reputation of a company. But which cybersecurity training to provide? There are many cybersecurity trainings on the market but sadly not all of them are effective. It is an important issue so you better choose wisely! Here are some tips to consider while choosing which cybersecurity training to provide your employees.


Easy To Understand

It is possible to provide cybersecurity training without overwhelming the learner with technical terms and explanations. It is important because everyone has different levels of digital knowledge. Training should be easily understandable by everyone.



Ensuring cybersecurity awareness requires knowledge on many aspects like mobile devices, USB devices, e-mail safety, physical safety, etc. Training must be comprehensive and provide knowledge on all aspects.


Explain Why

Providing “What to Do” and “What not to do” lists is not enough on a subject like this. Training should explain the risks, possible outcomes and even include real-life examples to motivate employees to take cybersecurity seriously and follow the rules.



Interactivity is very important to keep learners engaged and reinforce knowledge retention. Knowledge checks, opening files to check real-life examples, taking tours at office map to find risks and tests to prove you understand helps.


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