Cloud Lms vs Self Hosted Lms: Which One To Choose?

There are pros and cons for both Cloud LMS and Self Hosted LMS. Let’s see what are they.

There are various learning management systems on the market. Some of them are cloud LMS, some of them are self-hosted. But which one to choose?  Well, there are pros and cons for both Cloud LMS and Self Hosted LMS. Let’s see what are they.


What is Cloud LMS?


A cloud LMS is a learning management system that is pre-uploaded to a cloud environment. So you can use it without installing anything on your computer or your servers. Signing in to a website or mobile application is enough to use them.


What is self-hosted LMS?


A self-hosted LMS is a learning management system that should be installed on your servers. If you are using self-hosted LMS, you will be the both user, and the provider of the LMS. This means all updates and maintenance are your responsibility.


Pros and Cons


Cloud LMS has many advantages but a few disadvantages too. First of all Cloud LMS is easier to set up and use. You can start using it instantly and use it without any technical skills. It is simply like using Youtube, Google docs, etc… Maintenance, safety, and updates are not your concern because providers take care of these.


Less technical problems may tend to occur at cloud LMS. You don’t have to be concerned about bandwidth issues while too many users sign up at the same time.


Regular backups are not needed. If your LMS is down, providers will fix it for you. That is valuable if you especially don't have an IT department to fix this kind of problem. That makes the costs of cloud LMS is predictable. You don't have to pay repair fees for unexpected technical problems.


Storage opportunities for Cloud LMS are almost unlimited. Especially if you prefer video content, Cloud LMS is the solution to fit your needs. Most self-hosted LMS users need to buy extra hosting solutions in addition to their servers.


The only con of a cloud LMS that you have limited control over it. You can still log in as admin and upload content, manage users, and set up your course registration process. But if you need special customizations and integrations, you are limited which what cloud LMS firm offers.


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