Soft Skills To Make Huge Difference

Success at work is not only about having the skills to do your job. 

Success at work is not only about having the skills to do your job. To maintain effectiveness and productivity, some additional skills are required, like time management, effective listening, and empathy. 


These non-technical skills that affect work performance are called “soft skills” and they make a huge difference! Imagine an experienced software engineer, knows every single detail about software engineering but has lack of time management and anger management. Would you prefer to work with him or her? It’s hard to tell if having him at the workplace is a good idea or a bad idea. But if you teach him how to manage his anger and how to manage time, Tadaaa! Here is your dream employee!


What are soft skills? Think about all skills you expect from an employee, and exclude “job-specific” skills. What you have are soft skills. Collaborative problem solving, effective decision making, effective listening, time management, and effective presentation skills are some of the examples. Also, knowing body language and emotional intelligence are important for work life.


How to get soft skills? Getting soft skills may be harder than getting hard skills. But the learning process is the same. First, you need to learn them and the rest is up to practice. Effective presentation skills for instance… There are many things to keep the group alive and interested. Choosing the right words, right body language, making the presentation memorable depends on some to-do’s and some do not’s. Learning these tips is a giant leap. But the practice is also important to internalize things you learned.


Soft Skills learning materials should be interesting, attention-grabbing, and memorable because gaining these skills mostly depends on the learner's motivation.  To keep them motivated, we prefer short and memorable e-learning videos and animations with dubbing. We avoid unnecessary details and polishing the key points that must be learned. Instead of long, comprehensive e-learning materials; small classified bitesize parts also making the learning process easier.


You can check COBIDULIBRARY to learn more about our soft skills collection or directly request a demo to try it by yourself.





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