Top 10 eLearning Courses to Provide Your Employees at 2021

By providing eLearning courses on these subjects, you can make your employees more effective, and happy.

Everything changes; and so do the training needs of employees. Covid-19 has affected business life fundamentally and keeps doing so this year. Concepts like remote working, digitalization, online collaboration are a part of our lives now. Do your employees work effectively in this new era of major changes?


We have selected the top 10 subjects to train your employees in 2021. By providing eLearning courses on these subjects, you can make your employees more effective, and happy.


1.Essential Phone Communication Skills


Face-to-face meetings have lost their place to online meetings and phone calls. Dealing with online meetings is easier because you can still use effective communication techniques, but phone communication is a completely different story. On phone, all you have is your words and tone of voice. Also, business phone calls have their own etiquette.


Our Essential Phone Communication Skills course can help your employees to build effective communication skills on the phone. Learning when to call, how to answer, how to choose words, and how to use the tone of voice may get them closer to the goals of the phone call.


2.Remote Working


Most of us tried remote working last year for the first time. Some employees got used to it, some are still struggling to work effectively at home. Actually, it is not hard to adapt to remote working. All you need to do is learn some tips - which are basically to-do’s and not to-do’s.


Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of remote working is a good place to start. Then our tips on being an efficient distance worker should be easy to understand COBIDU’s Remote working course also includes a “Managing Distant Workers” module for managers.


3.Time Management


Time management is a life-changing skill, and once you obtain it; your work-life balance improves - and business success skyrockets! Since remote working is more common now, time management skills are more important than ever! There are too many distractions at home, no colleagues to sync with, no managers to say when to work and when to have a break. Using the time effectively is up to your employees.


Time Management eLearning courses are good for noticing common mistakes and obtaining good habits. The importance of time management and many useful tips to use time efficiently is included.




The world is dealing with a pandemic and economic regression. Many worry about their health and jobs. Feeling anxious from time to time is normal but feeling intense anxiety all the time is a problem. That kind of anxiety directly affects life quality and business success. Behavioural change, aggression, concentration loss, and memory problems are some of the side effects of anxiety. The good news is; it is possible to manage anxiety! Keeping it within harmless levels requires understanding this feeling well and having tips to manage it!


5. Cyber Security


Most of the cyber incidents happen because of employee mistakes. These mistakes happen because of a lack of knowledge and not taking cybersecurity seriously. A cybersecurity course is the best way to train your employees about the measurements that must be taken, and how important these measures are by giving examples of the outcomes.


Cybersecurity is a “must to learn”.This year we all digitalized more. We link to our company computers remotely, passing information between devices. Personal computers are work computers now also. So, companies need to be sure their employees take cybersecurity seriously while using their own computers too.


Luckily, Cobidu’s Cybersecurity collection looks at cybersecurity from a large perspective and includes various courses like data security, e-mail security, USB device security, Social engineering protection, mobile security, and much more!


6. Instant Messaging


Instant messaging is a life-changing technology when used correctly. It helps to communicate with colleagues, customers, and business partners easily and instantly.  Not only one-on-one but also within large groups… But how do we use it effectively? The younger workers probably figured out how because they have used it from childhood - but what about middle-aged and older employees? Can they use it effectively and confidently?


Removing that digital skills gap and establishing equality between them is in your hands. By providing an instant messaging course; you can help each of your employees have the skills needed for instant messaging.


7.Change Management


Last year a lot of things changed fast. Your company probably needs its own changes to adapt to the new world order. For example, many companies developed new business models to serve their customers online. Many more changed how things work to reduce unnecessary costs. New ways of work were invented to reduce face-to-face contact among employees.


Outcomes may be outstanding but the change process itself is a hard one to lead, organize and maintain. A change management course can help your managers to plan and put into practice the change.


8.Working Collaboratively Online


The things you can achieve with online collaboration are only limited to your imagination! Don't let pandemics prevent you grabbing new business opportunities. Online collaboration courses can inspire your leaders to start new initiatives and boost your employee's efficiency while working in online environments. Let your employees learn what is working collaboratively online and how to do it effectively now.


Even when the pandemic ends you can still benefit from these skills because it makes things that cannot be done in the psychical environment possible. Especially for global companies which have employees and customers all around the globe.


9.Digital Research


Since the pandemic, digital is king. Authors, journalist, professors, even scientists, they all using digital to connect with their audience. That means the digital World is filled with useful stuff more than ever.  But there is also tones of redundant content and misleading, wrong information. Distinguishing one from another requires some digital research skills.


A digital research course is a good way of letting your employees learn how to find useful information and how to avoid misleading information


10.  Stress Management


Every company wants healthy, happy, efficient workers but do they provide the necessary tools for their employees to stay healthy, happy, and efficient? Stress management is one of these tools! Stress is directly related to many health issues and unwanted mental states like aggression, depression, and poor concentration, etc. Work-related stress costs companies and the workforce


Since last year, many more sources of stress were added to our lives.  If now is not the time to offer a course which shows the best techniques to manages stress, then when is?


COBIDULIBRARY has a course for all these subjects and many more! More than 270 microlearning modules -contain pretty much everything to boost success- and comes with a free LMS. All simple, enjoyable, and easy to learn! Request a demo and see it for yourself now!


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