What is microlearning?

There is no textbook definition of microlearning. But you can identify microlearning by some characteristics.


There is no textbook definition of microlearning. But you can identify microlearning by some characteristics. First, let's understand the conditions that led to the emergence of this concept. Here are some facts about modern people:


- Nowadays the average adult attention span is 8 seconds

- Most learners don't want e-learning videos longer than 4 minutes

- Workers get interrupted as frequently as every 5 minutes

- In the digital world, content has 5-10 seconds to grab someone’s attention


So our time is short, attention spans are short So why are learning materials long and full of unnecessary details? This question leads us to microlearning which is a way of delivering the content to learners in small, very specific bursts.


What are the characteristics of microlearning?


First of all, microlearning material should be brief. It should be classified and split into small parts. It makes the knowledge easily digestible. One bite at a time, that’s why these information fragments are called “bite-size”. The training ends before the learner gets bored. Also, the classification makes information more memorable. Many tricks are also used to grab attention.


Visualization, creating funny content, making it interactive are some of these tricks. Microlearning is about teaching before losing attention. And the easiest way to do it is to keep it short, catchy, and interesting.


Why should you prefer microlearning e-learning materials?


E-Learning material has a lot of advantages. First of all, it's flexible. Learners can learn where, when, and however long they want to. But to truly benefit from these advantages, content must consist of small parts. Microlearning also makes the learning experience a fun experience rather than a boring task. It is important to keep employees motivated to learn more because their improvement is also your companies improvement.


Where can I find microlearning e-learning materials?


Cobidu is here to help! We have more than 100 e-learning modules on soft skills, cybersecurity, corporate governance, digital skills, and much more. They all consist of enjoyable and easy-to-understand microlearning content. Take a look at our off-the-shelf library or directly request a demo to try it for yourself.




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